WEWE.VOTE is a nonpartisan, secular program, born in Africa and dedicated to increasing the peaceful participation of young people in our democracy.

over 69% youth

By harnessing the power of : gamification, comics,online communities and hip hop, Wewe.vote is being co-created by African youth, for African youth. We want to help reduce the violence, hate and corruption that have been a staple of African elections for too long.

East Africa is entering a time of incredible transformation. With over 69% of the population under the age of 30, the single largest block of voters in upcoming elections are young people who have never voted before. Unlike their parents before them, these youth have grown up online. They are closely connected with their friends all across the planet. They have not benefited from the decades of corruption and they live in world where their job prospects and the global climate are both in question.

WEWE.VOTE is teaching youth how to be critical thinkers, to vote based on merits not tribes. To reject hate speech and those who would spread it. To share ideas and beliefs through caring, non-violent civic engagement.